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This is a REBUILD service for your AJ126 engine assembly, Land Rover 3.0 (supercharged or non-supercharged) vehicles.  

Includes new rings, pistons, rods, bearings in the lower end. 

Includes new timing chains, updated guides, new tensioners on the top end.

Includes rebuilding and servicing your heads, testing and installation of new valve seals.

We will clean and install what you ship us as it relates to covers, timing cover, oil pan and valve covers. 

All blocks and heads are checked serviced and re-machined (as needed) along with any decking.  

The crank will be checked for tolerance and polished. 

Comes with a warranty of 6 months, this service is a reliable option for those looking for a rebuilt AJ126 3.0 Land Rover's engine. 

This service is designed for Land Rover vehicles with a 3.0L, 6-cylinder gasoline engine (AJ126). 

Send us your engine and we will completely rebuild it.  

With this complete assembly, you can breathe new life into your Land Rover and enjoy reliable performance for years to come.

Range Rover 3.0 Engine Rebuild (AJ126)

SKU: 34458r589
  • This engine has a 6 months parts warranty and is build with your engine core and heads.

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